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For those seekers wishing to take the next next step in human evolution.

I call this next step: 'conscious thinking'.

Metaphysical Life Coaching: How to Think in the Modern Era.

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Who                                             ARE   you?   

The correct question is:


                        ...'what' are you?              

The correct answer is:

            are a journey.


The sign of eternal childhood.

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Articles from the metaphysical perspective

eBook currently available.

A collection of articles which look at mundane subjects from the metaphysical point of view. This  endeavor is to explore the metaphysical as an aspect of ordinary life and thereby see how metaphysics relates to and drives every day existence.

The idea is to start simply, with everyday existence, and use that mastery of simplicity to move forward in the task of connecting ever more deeply with your spiritual side, thereby enhancing your spiritual life.

This is Gnosis. In the Gnostic Way, to reach God, you start by getting to know yourself top-to-bottom,   inside-and-out.

A metaphysically inclined self-help book which focuses on the understanding and treatment of addiction.

This book is also an owner's manual for the understanding and maintenance of your psychological apparatus.

Buy it now to fundamentally change and upgrade your point of view on life and living.


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Unless otherwise stipulated, all written materials are original works created by the author.

A soul is born...

a journey begins...